Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The nuts and bolts

This is a response to a link comment from someone named George. I apologise for the strong language at the end (sensitive viewers should be warned!), but it sets out what one may call the "nuts and bolts" of my own perspective. More simple than that one cannot get.

Dear George
I don't really bother seriously answering people like you anymore. If Zionism is not apartheid, it's colonialism. If not colonialism it's racism. If it's not this, it's that. The list of grievances is endless since the "guilty" verdict is assumed: it now rests on finding a crime (any bloody crime) to pin on the Jews. It's nothing new. Fifty years, a hundred years, 300 years - you'll hairsplit to the end of time to create your guilty verdict.
You know what? A handful of Jewish refugees started to return to Palestine 100 to 150 years ago to escape the murderous persecution of the Europeans. They encountered scattered Arabs (and others) living there under Ottoman rule. In the ensuing free-for-all the Jews won - won against all odds. Won because they were desperate and because they were better organised than their opponents.
Many hundreds of Jews were killed and mutilated by Arabs (not just Palestinian residents, the whole bangshoot). The Arabs were fully equipped by the Soviet Union. In the course of all these wars and existential fights for existence, some Jews behaved with undue brutality and cruelty - that is a fact. It is also a fact that the Jews fought ruthlessly for survival. That is another fact.
They fought ruthlessly because the Arabs told them in no uncertain terms that they intended to massacre them and to destroy their tiny sanctuary in the Middle East - their own ancient homeland. And when they had a chance, that is precisely what they did.
But the Jews won. Get used to it. They built a modern, prosperous, robust, democratic state in the backward and despotic Middle East.
Get used to it. They are not leaving. Get used to that too. So take your bile and prissy hatreds and go fuck yourself.

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