Monday, January 12, 2009


I attach a personal response below to the cartoon by Zapiro in the Sunday Times and the even more pathetic letter from the usual quarters in the Cape Times this morning. History will ultimately reveal the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of their stance.

Mike Berger

“Of course, none of these arguments can penetrate the brains of the superannuated Stalinists, vicarious jihadists and attention-seeking actors and pop stars who think it’s cool to go on marches chanting, “We are all Hamas now”. Even if these luvvies might not be aware that on Christmas Eve Hamas legalised crucifixion as a punishment for those who “weaken the spirit of the people”, and have been shooting such political enemies in the head when they find them in hospitals conveniently injured by Israeli bombing raids, they still deserve to be dismissed as useful idiots for a depraved death cult.” Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (UK), 11 Jan 2009

That is perhaps a little stronger than I would normally put it, but it is sad when it takes clear-thinking and courageous non-Jews like Lawson (talking about the UK) to expose the useful idiots embedded in the South African Jewish community - so ably represented by Zapiro in the Sunday Times yesterday (11 Jan 2009) and the signators to the letter in the Cape Times today.

The moral posturing of the Zapiro cartoon is sickening. Hamas has deliberately placed its soldiers and instruments of war specifically in civilian settings – in homes, in hospitals, in mosques, in schools. This vicious policy has been implemented with the clear goal of maximising Palestinian suffering should Israel respond to years of terror inflicted on its southern population centres.

But on this crime, Zapiro, is tjoepstil!

If anything, the Cape Times letter is even more devoid of anything approaching intellectual or moral substance. This little band manages, just, to deplore Hamas rockets and Israeli deaths (are we not grateful for such brave impartiality?), but much - oh so very much - more strongly deplores Israel’s “disproportionate” response and Palestinian suffering.

Well they’re welcome to “deplore” away but we need to make a choice between hope and nihilism, between realism and fantasy, between democracy and totalitarianism and between our Jewish brethren and their bitter and implacable opponents.

I have made my choice, and it is clear they have made theirs.

Mike Berger