Thursday, March 20, 2008

Checkpoints and dire necessity

The Israel Policy Forum is a leftwing, pro-Zionist organisation based in Washington DC. In a recent post ( they express their concern over redundant checkpoints on the West Bank, which no longer serve a useful purpose but magnify the humiliation and resentments of Palestinians living there.

We need not suppose deliberate ill-will on the part of the IDF to understand that bureaucratic inertia and stupidity can allow this sort of thing to happen. The remedy is in the hands of Israelis primarily, who must insist that "security" or "inertia" is not used to justify unnecessary brutality and unethical behaviour. We in the diaspora, who do not face the 3 year army stint and other demands carried by Israelis, must bear this in mind when criticising Israeli actions.

At the same time, the diaspora is part of the global Jewish nation which Israel needs as much as it needs Israel. Hence, as committed world citizens of Israel, we also have a right and obligation to express our views, especially on matters relating to Israel's ethical and security position. We hope that these views will be conveyed by the Israeli Embassy to Israel and that they will support those Israeli citizens who wish to ensure that Israel lives up to to its own best ideals.

To get some idea of the potential existential threats facing Israel see

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Mike Berger

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