Sunday, September 7, 2008


This is an opportune time to tell everyone I will be away up North for almost 2 weeks and will be thinking inter alia of my next post, tentatively entitled, "Hawks and Doves in the Centre Lane".

It is also a good time to remind readers and contributors that the blog, SOLAR PLEXUS, is in the public space. It is a political blog and hence all political comment or comment related to its content or to my political writings or positions, can be posted there for public scrutiny at my discretion.

I receive a lot of mail which is not intended, and is not appropriate, for publication. Often this is just a message of support or agreement or minor comment. It is much appreciated but it need not be posted.

However the blog is intended to be interactive so I welcome substantive comment, positive or negative, and will be happy to post it for public scrutiny and debate. It is meant to be a blog (probably excessively serious and earnest at times) about ideas and not about personalities. This cannot be an absolute rule; sometimes the personality attached to an idea or approach is significant as it clearly was in my debate with Judge Davis.

Generally, abusive, racist or just plain silly material will not be posted but simply thrown into the rubbish bin. But if I feel it is of such a nature that public exposure is desirable, then it will appear on SOLAR PLEXUS. So be warned: there is no confidentiality clause covering political and related comment coming to me personally or through the blog, unless this is agreed upon in writing. I don't go in for gossip and slander and refrain from posting material which clearly belongs in the private domain, unless there is an overriding need to do otherwise.

I believe in the importance of robust, public debate within the boundaries of decency. So let's have your views, whatever they are, within these fairly generous limits.

Mike Berger

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